Our Business

We offer a wide range of solutions designed to assist medical institutions achieve management stability. Our extensive range of services include consulting, medical equipment sales, laboratory testing, IT solutions, and food catering.

We are deeply committed to assisting you in arriving at the optimal solution to the various issues which confront you and your organization.


Consulting Service

We provide extensive consulting services with the aim of improving the economic soundness and profitability of healthcare organizations. Our services may include reviewing health insurance claims and vendor contracts to identify areas to reduce costs, improve revenues and mitigate risk.

Our team of skilled professionals are excited to leverage their solid medical professional backgrounds in helping you and your organization achieve greater levels of operational efficiency.

Our experienced staff can assist in creating a value-generating hospital management policy.

Medical Equipment Sales, Installation, and Maintenance

Medical Equipment Sales, Installation, and Maintenance

We sell medical equipment, accessories, and supplies for healthcare facilities.  Our product portfolio includes MRI and CT scanners in addition to other medical and nursing care products.

We provide a comprehensive installation and maintenance service for all products offered.

Laboratory Testing

Laboratory Testing Service

We perform general laboratory, blood, biochemical,  immunoserological, and bacteria testing for hospitals.

In looking to create value for our clientele, we offer the above testing services through a variety of methodologies which include the branch lab, FMS, or center testing mechanisms.

IT Solutions

IT Solutions and Service

We provide a wide range of  IT system & network-related services such as system development, sales, implementation, infrastructure development, network services, IT equipment sales, system consulting, and maintenance services for healthcare organizations.

The systems we handle include, but are not limited to medical information systems, nursing care support systems, payroll systems, and CRM systems.

We also offer helpdesk services such as dealing with PC-related issues.

Nursing Care

Nursing Care

Visiting Nursing Care Office are set up to contribute to the regional medical care and community welfare. 

We offer complete medical care hospitality to ensure our customers can live at home with peace of mind.

Food Catering

Food Service

Our food catering business has been fine-tuned to respond to the needs of general hospitals, long term care hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, nursing care facilities and other care facilities.

Our services include the preparation and provision of food for hospitalized patients, nursing care facilities, tube feeding, and employee cafeterias.

We are highly committed to delivering high quality, nutritious, and well balanced food options which adhere to strict safety guidelines.

※ The above food services are conducted by our affiliated companies Nishiki Foods Corp.

Our Business